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We can all use some extra money from time to time, especially in the current economic climate. Seasoned veteran collectors of vintage electronics can put their vast knowledge bases to good use to find items to sell at places such as eBay. The thriving vintage electronics section on eBay is the perfect meeting place for buyers and sellers, keen to either find a dream piece, or make some extra cash.

According to eBay's pulse, which offers a "...daily snapshot of current trends, hot picks, and cool stuff on eBay..." the most popular searches in the vintage electronics category are:

1.     altec
2.     jbl
3.     pioneer
4.     marantz
5.     fisher
6.     mcintosh
7.     western electric
8.     sansui
9.     jensen
10.    turntable

As we can clearly see high-end audio equipment dominates this list. Clearly audiophiles are making use of eBay to add to their collections.

Whilst many of us will not have direct access to a wide array of vintage electronics, there are many options for finding potentally profitable pieces. A common port of call are friends and relatives who might not be aware that they are sitting on a valuable piece. Many people will have a family member, or acquaintance, with a basement stuffed full of electronics that have been replaced by newer models. A quick proft sharing agreement later and you might just find a goldmine at your fingertips.

Don't miss the chance to search for vintage electronics at thrift shops, garage and estate sales. There are many hidden gems to be found with just a little persistence. Another alternative way to find vintage electronics is to advertise for them. Simply take out a classified ad on a site such as Craigslist that says you buy vintage electronics for cash. Whilst you will get some time wasters, you will be amazed at some of the calls you get offering items which you can easily "flip" for a profit.

One might look out, for example, vintage amps, old 8-track players, or even calculators from the 1970s or 1980s. Also be on the look out for books and manuals about these items. You may not find a piece worth thousands every day, but with a little persistence you will find pieces that will turn a healthy profit.

Vintage computer parts are also increasingly popular. Many people upgrade or replace their computers every few years. The old computers are either thrown away or left to gather dust in a basement until they see the light of day at garage or estate sale. With a little online research one can soon learn to recognise the things that will make money.

Also be on the look out for items such as vintage synthesizers. Minimog synthesizers, for example, can fetch several thousand dollars. Admirers of the Minimoog believe that it's sound sets it apart from all other brands, hence the fact that it can fetch some great prices.

It is also important not to overlook vintage electronic spare parts as a potentially hugely profitable sector. Whilst a particular piece  may be broken beyond repair, it can often be scavenged for parts. Such parts may be hungrily snapped up by eager collectors desperate for that one particular spare part. If we look at altec spares on eBay, for example, we can see the huge range of spare parts available, many of which are picking up some nice bids.

Clearly there is a huge market for vintage electronics. Whether you are seasoned collector, or novice, you can quickly generate a handy cash flow that can soon grow into something more.